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    Granada Theatre
  • img-2
    Arlington Tavern
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    A fun, and green, way to get around town
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    Santa Barbara’s vibrant waterfront is the city’s #1 attraction
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    La Arcada, home to some of the city’s most popular restaurants and art galleries
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    Santa Barbara County Courthouse
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    Mural, designed in 1958 by Joseph Knowles
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    Santa Barbara Harbor
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    The farmers’ market boasts offerings from local farmers and artisans
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    Discover a distinctive collection of unique, fashionable retailers
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    Enjoy the many activities the waterfront has to offer
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    Say cheese!
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    The historic Arlington Theatre features some of the finest entertainment around
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    Lunch al fresco
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    Delight in a variety of local and international cuisines
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    The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
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    Savor a cup
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    Where the locals meet
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    Arlington Theatre
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    One slice or two?
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    Street performers create a festive atmosphere around the market
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    Santa Barbara Wine Country is home to some of California’s most sought-after wines
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    Shopping abounds along State Street
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    The lively performing arts scene offers venues large and small
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    Organically grown
  • img-26
    Mission Santa Barbara, The Queen of the Missions
  • img-27
    Dinner at Buchon
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