Tips for Winter Biking in Santa Barbara

Open Air Bicycles, on State Street, near Alma del Pueblo

Along with a number of amenities, Alma del Pueblo homes offer bicycle storage, so we like to keep you on top of the latest news for biking in our fine city.

As winter gets underway, we’ve got a few tips for bicyclists to navigate the wet, chilly weather … because, as we all know, a little rain doesn’t keep Santa Barbara bikers down.

1. Start of rain. Don’t race to beat the rain after it starts. That’s when streets are slickest because automotive oil on the road spreads before it washes away. Slow way down on turns and don’t lean as much.

2. Your bike in rain. Grime builds up on brake pads, making them squeak or scratch your rims. Run a rag between each pad and the rim, like shining a shoe. Brake pads grip aluminum rims better than they do steel. After biking in the rain, bring your bike indoors so bearings can dry. Install fenders to keep you dry on wet pavement. Plastic ones are cheap and light, but can crack if installed wrong.

3. Braking. When brake pads and wheel rims are wet, they take up to ten times longer to work. Dry them by applying your brakes far ahead of where you want to slow down, causing your pads to wipe the rims. To dry them faster, pump the brakes by applying them lightly, then letting go, over and over.

4. Clothing for cold weather. You don’t need a whole new set of clothes, just layer what you have. Wear a sweatshirt or jacket and add t-shirts, light sweaters, and tights or long johns in layers as weather gets colder. The layer closest to your skin should be a wicking material that will let sweat pass through as you ride.

Happy Biking!

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*Thanks to Bike Santa Barbara for these great tips!