Garden of Soulful Delights

While Alma del Pueblo is downtown living at its finest, homeowners will always have the option to enjoy the earthiness of their own gardens. One of the thoughtfully designed conveniences available to residents are raised planter beds for gardening on Alma del Pueblo’s private rooftop.

To discover the possibilities for planter bed gardening, we chatted with Christie Boyd of p o r c h, a boutique home and garden shop in Carpinteria. Christie, along with her business partner Diana Dolan, are passionate about inspiring harmony between interior and exterior surroundings. P o r c h offers something for everyone who desires to live amidst beauty and nature.

The potential for both beauty and bounty are rich, even working with an enclosed planter bed. Christie offers tips on what Alma del Pueblo residents might look for in creating their rooftop Eden.

1. Companion Planting – Plants that grow well together also taste good together. Think tomatoes and basil or lettuce and radishes. “So when you’re making marinara sauce, green salad or salsa, head to your raised bed and the ingredients are right there for you.” Plants also can help protect each other. Marigolds act as a deterrent to aphids, plus they’re colorful and festive. Nasturtiums are not only pretty, but also repel insects such as cucumber beetles.

2. Appearance – You might want a garden that you can harvest from regularly. You needn’t sacrifice beauty at the expense of making a garden that’s practical. “Some edibles, such as artichokes, have gorgeous foliage – big serrated leaves, very dramatic and quite beautiful,” Christie notes. “Think of your garden’s appearance. Maybe you plant a border of nasturtiums to frame your delicious plants.”

3. Balance – With planter beds, you want to be cognizant of varying heights, plant sizes and colors. “You probably wouldn’t want to plant one whole bed of melons; they’ll be too viney, not particularly pretty and, as melons grow, the foliage dies back. Perhaps you pair melons, which spread horizontally, with something vertical like tomatoes,” Christie suggests.

4. Soil Matters – For enclosed beds, working with rich, quality planting soil is vital. Unlike when planting in the ground, in bed-gardening all the plants have to work with is what’s in that box.

When you’re planning the garden for your Santa Barbara home, visit p o r c h at 3823 Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria, and tell them your friends at Alma del Pueblo sent you.

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