Public Markets – In a Class All Their Own

(photo courtesy of Counse, Creative Commons license)

EATALY, NYC – a newly opened public market in NYC.

Construction is well underway for Alma del Pueblo, and we know you’ll find these new homes to be quite special. But did you also know that anchoring this mixed-use project in Santa Barbara’s theater and arts district will be a singular food experience, inspired by the great public markets of the world? The Santa Barbara Public Market, opening in Spring 2014, will be a gathering place to shop for and to eat the finest in artisanal, sustainably made food and wine.

We’d like to share a bit about the inspiration for Santa Barbara’s very own public market. By no means is it “just another grocery store.” Public Markets around the globe are unique expressions of place, organic reflections of the community and culture from which they spring. There’s Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Borough Market in London, Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona, Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel and countless food markets in France and Italy.  A recent addition to the great food emporiums is Eataly in New York City.

Distinguished by multiple small merchants offering fresh produce, pantry items, meat, wine, cheese, seafood, ice cream, pastries and prepared foods, public markets are akin to the town square. The market is where locals catch up with friends while filling their baskets, as well as visitors being welcomed into the hometown culture.

Santa Barbara’s affinity for Spanish architecture and the Riviera lifestyle make the European-inspired market concept a great fit for our city. Combine that with the wealth of talent here in food and wine and a nearly unparalleled bounty of regional agriculture, and you have a market in a class all its own. Our Public Market is dedicated to environmental sustainability, both in its LEED-qualified construction and in the purveyors we choose, who will sell organic, nutritious and delicious foods.

The Santa Barbara Public Market will be a place for discovering new food, new friends and a new way of living for everyone. And for those who own homes in Alma del Pueblo, the Public Market just might be their very own personal pantry.

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